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As a design group, we offer the complete package from concept to creation under one roof.

Our team of innovative designers and skilled artisans combine nearly two decades of expertise and experience to bring your designs to life by focusing on solutions and exceeding expectations.

If you’ve got a project that would benefit from Fluid™ Concrete Technology then we’d love to hear from you.

Concrete Artisans

Starting with the selection of raw materials and continuing through to the final step of the manufacturing process, our concrete specialists carefully control every touch point. By creating products in unibody pieces with no seams, we are able to produce amazing shapes and designs in a range of finishes including metallic, patinas, and textured surfaces.

German Engineered

By partnering with a world leader in coating systems, we have customized a multi-layered approach of colour correcting and coating for our innovative concrete products. Our coating process is engineered to the composition of our concrete for a complete and seamless integration of the concrete and coating materials.

Research and Development

Our R&D department is continually improving, innovating, and refining the durability characteristics of our concrete surface coating. It also develops solutions for new designs, constructions, and applications to fit specific needs in the marketplace.

Focused on Finish

From small to large-scale pieces, our expertise is in delivering concrete products that are free of mold lines or joins, retain their shape without distortion (don’t sag with the weight of themselves), and produce a final product that remains loyal to the design dimensions and radius finishes of the original drawings.

We’ve engineered a robust material that features extraordinary performance characteristics which provide resistance to fading, and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure.

Concrete and Chemistry

As a raw material, concrete is extremely sensitive to environmental conditions, which is why we reproduce the exact same chemical equation to achieve a consistent finish. While the recipe for the slurry that goes into the mold can be measured to perfection, temperature, humidity, curing time and material activity also impacts the final product.

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