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Fluid™ Concrete Solutions consistently creates exceptional products from the inside, out.

Developed in-house by our research and development team, Fluid™ products are coated with a water-resistant barrier to ensure the green concrete composite shell becomes totally inert and isn’t subject to temperature or moisture saturation.

Each product is fully enveloped in a specially formulated solvent-based solution that protects the raw materials from environmental weathering.

This enables us to deliver perfection from the base raw materials right through to the finished product – working from the inside out, to achieve an exceptionally robust product that is purpose built.


Stain Resistant

Rigorous testing confirms the surface is impervious to ethanol, wine, vinegar, oil, mustard, tomato ketchup, salt, soy, bleach, espresso coffee, window cleaner, and more.


UV Resistant

Even when our products were exposed for 144 hours in 12-hour cycles to water spray, UV rays, and water condensation, colors retained their depth and luster.


Scratch Resistant

An industrial strength surface with a protective barrier for everyday use. ASTM Pencil Hardness Tests show 4H results for our hard wearing surface.


Colour Consistency

Fluid processing delivers consistent color matching, which can be reproduced with minimal variation between batches.


Custom Finish

Custom finishing process incorporating German technology delivers a smooth, natural satin surface.


Value for Money

Timeless designs coupled with robust construction produce quality indoor and outdoor pieces.


Durable Surface

An exceptionally strong adhesive creates a coating that does not flake, peel or crack, and can withstand extreme weather variations and long UV exposure.



Using a car wax polish twice a year will nourish and protect your concrete investment. This adds depth to the finish and brightens surface pigments, keeping your product looking like new for years to come.



We proudly stand behind our surface coating and offer a one year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Testing Videos

Stain Testing
Outdoor fireplace installation
Stain Testing
Scratch Test from Fluid Technology
Scratch Testing